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Solar MCB

  • The solar Miniature circuit breaker assemble in the solar system,it can protect the system


 Product Description

   NL7-63 have protective function as shortage as overload, and are used in lighting distribution system in commerce and dwelling, and protect fractional electric motors. And they also have many merits of high protective grade(up to IP20), high breaking capacity, reliable sensitive action, convenient, multi pole assembling, long life ect.

   They are mainly adapted to the circuit of AC 250V in single pole, 415V in double, three, four poles for protecting overload and short circuit. Mean while, they are also used in turning on or off the electric apparatus and lighting circuit under the normal conditions. 


  Main technical parameter:


 1.Rated current of frame class (Inm): 63A


 2.Rated current (In): 1,2,4,6,10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63A


 3.Rated voltage (Ue): 50Hz/60Hz, 230V/400V


 4.Breaking capacity of rated limit short circuit (Icu): 6KA


 5.Breaking capacity of rated operating short circuit (Ics): 6000A


 6.Mechanical life service: 20000/times


 7.Electrical life service: 8000 times








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