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    With the global population growth and economic growth, the demand for energy is increasing. The earth is facing energy crisis. Solar energy has a great potential as a zero emissions, zero consumption, and clean, safe, environmentally friendly, renewable energy.

     NEWSUN PV TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD strives to make contribution to energy saving, low carbon emission, environmental protection, and continuously push forward to the development of green renewable energy. The company integrates design, development, production, sales as the modern management of enterprises. Our product line includes PV solar system (solar 1500VDC connectors, ,solar1500VDC inline fuse connector,junction box, PV cable, installation accessories, controller, distribution box & combining box, inverter & micro-inverter and bracket, etc.); Protection system (earth-fault protection, diode connector, fuse connector, circuit breaker, etc.) and system optimization.  Our products meet the standards of TUV, CE certification.


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